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Children & Youth

Responding to Bullying

Are you bullied? You have the right to feel safe!

• Tell the one who bullies that you don’t like the way he/she treats you and ask him/her to stop
• Walk away from the person who is hurting you
• Ask a trusted adult for help
• Make friends with others and maintain good friendship with others

Have you seen someone being bullied? You can help as an Active Bystander, Upstander!

• Firmly ask the one who bullies to stop
• Don’t just stand and watch or join in
• Be a friend to the person being bullied
• Tell a trusted adult about what you have seen/heard

Do you bully others? Bullying hurts. It’s important that you stop and change.

• Stop your behaviour
• Try to understand how your actions make others feel
• Apologise
• Ask a trusted adult to help you change your behaviour
• If you usually hang out with a group of people who bully others, get away from them and find new friends

Responding to Bullying on Social Media


• If you don’t like a story that appears in your Feed, you can select “hide it”.
• If you’re not happy with a post you’re tagged in, you can select “remove the tag”.
• If you want a post removed from Facebook, you can ask the person who posted it to remove it. Alternatively, you can report directly to Facebook.
• If someone on Facebook upsets you, you can unfriend or block the person.


If you see a video on Instagram that shows bullying, you can report it through the app or online:
• Select the three dots in the top right corner
• Select “report”
• Select your reason for reporting from the list given.


To report an abusive Tweet:
• Select the tweet by clicking on it
• Select the three dots in the top right corner
• Select “report”
• Select your reason for reporting from the list given.


To report, you would need to have a YouTube account.
To report via mobile:
• Select the video you would like to report
• Select the three vertical dots at the right corner of the video and select “report”
• Select why you are reporting the video
To report via computer:
• Login to your YouTube account
• Select the three horizontal dots at the right corner of the video and select “report”
• Select why you are reporting the video

Do the “High 5”, 5 simple steps in managing bullying

It is a 5-step problem solving strategy that can be used in the classroom, in the playground and in perceived bullying incidents.
These steps can build self-esteem and empower a person to manage bullying

1. Ignore

• Pretend you didn’t hear it
• Do not make eye contact
• Count to five in your head slowly
• Take slow deep breathes

3. Walk away

• Stand tall, head up high
• Look confident
• Walk somewhere, preferably towards a congested area
• Do not look back and don’t run!

5. Report

• Walk away and tell a trusted adult
• Inform to any bystander at scene

2. Talk friendly

• Use a calm voice
• Maintain eye contact when talking

4. Talk firmly

• Use an assertive voice, slightly raised
• Tell the Aggressor to stop the negative behaviour
• State the consequences of continued bullying

Do the “SBST”, 4 simple steps in cyberbullying

It is a 4-step reporting strategy that can be used while using various social media platform. These steps are also useful when you want to report to the authorities about the incident.


STOP responding or communicating immediately


BLOCK or restrict communications with the cyberbully


SAVE a copy of the bullying message as evidence


TELL or report a trusted adult about the incident


How bystanders can respond

We do not need to instastory or snapchat a bullying incident.
It is not a show either. What you can do is to follow the SSA:


Stand up for the one in need
• Don’t be part of an audience


Speak up for the one in need
• Facilitate the one who bullies to get away from the scene
• Help the one who was bullied to get away
• Redirect the involved parties to seek help


Act to provide support and act for the one in need
• Gather support
• Report the incident
• Set a good example

How to inform a trusted adult

“Cher! Cher! Bully!” will certainly get the teacher’s attention, but it will not help the teacher to manage the bullying situation. Similar to reporting a fire incident, an active bystander would need to provide the relevant information. What you can do is to follow the TALOPA:



• When is the act of bullying happening?
“The bullying is going on right now…”


• Description of the bullying act
“…they are shouting vulgarities at him…”


• Where is it taking place at?
“…at the street soccer court…”


• Are there any tools or objects used?
“…there is this guy holding a hockey stick…”


• Who is involved? Number of people? Description of identity.
“…total five of them, not sure from which school…”


• What do you want the adult to do now?
“…can you please come now to stop them from bullying him?”

Preventing Bullying

The famous saying “Prevention is better than cure” will help us reduce the chances of being bullied.
Be the change, be Bully-Free.

Be a F.R.I.E.N.D.

Friends are important people in everyone’s life. Friendships are not only fun, they help give us the support and companionship. We need to work hard at improving those qualities and you will become a better friend.

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My H.E.A.R.T.S.

The HEARTS represents emotions, relationship, understanding and everything that you need to do by using your heart. Follow these tips and spread.

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