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If you suspect that your child is being bullied?

If you suspect that your child is being bullied?

Warning signs that can help identify if your child is being bullied. The following are some common signs that were shared from other parents:

1. Shows sudden lack of interest in school or refusal to go to school
2. Takes an unusual route to school
3. Suffers a drop in grades
4. Withdraws from family and school activities, wanting to be left alone
5. Is hungry after school, saying he lost his lunch money or wasn’t hungry at school
6. Asking for more pocket money, or taking your money without providing valid reasons on why the child needs more money
7. Is sad, sullen, angry, or scared after receiving a phone call or an e-mail
8. Does something out of character
9. Uses demeaning language when talking about peers
10. Stops talking about peers and everyday activities
11. Has stained or torn clothes
12. Has unexplainable missing items
13. Has questionable physical injuries
14. Has stomach aches, headaches, panic attacks
15 Is having sleeping difficulties (unable to sleep, sleeps more than usual)
16. Reports feeling of exhaustion despite having a lot of sleep